Hotmail Signup

hotmail signup

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail Login is great platform for professional and personal email service, which gives you the great safety and security to manage your day-to-day transaction on mail perfectly. Hotmail is a product of Microsoft Corporation. Having been founded in 1996, it still claims the supremacy of its founders Sabeer Bhatia and co-founder Jack Smith. The web based email service made its debut run in California on July 4, 1996 at first. The Hotmail desktop version is available all around the globe in almost 36 different languages with its headquarters located in specifically in Sunnyvale, California. This web-based service has covered quite a long journey from being just Hotmail to Outlook to where it stands today. HTML is the basic mark-up language that is being used to create any web page and it was also the case with HOTMAIL; not any different, so its name was also kept in similarity to such, Hotmail as if sounding similar to HTML mail. Follow the following guide for Hotmail Signup:

hotmail signup

How to Create a Hotmail Account (Hotmail Signup)

Type in in the address bar and hit ENTER.

The sign in page will show up but you may of course not use that for now. Click ‘Sign up now’ place at the lower half of the screen.

After the sign up page loads, you may enter all your details.

  1. Use a suitable Username and password as this shall be always used for signing in.
  2. Check availability of Username that you may choose as it may be possible that someone else would already take your preferred name.
  3. An alternate email ID is asked so that the web service can confirm that this is not a spam and so after account creation you would have to verify from the alternate email ID.
  4. Hurray…!!! You have just completed the signup process. Start your way towards managing your mails perfectly.

Features That Hotmail Provides Unlike Others

The best and the most recent email feature that the Microsoft team has just added is the Automatic mail filter option. Now the user has not to spend hours and hours after their computer screens just decluttering mails and separating the useful form the junk. You might be thinking that there is a separate JUNK section already made years back but this is not the case always. Usually some unwanted mails pass the Hotmail filter and get straight into your inbox without any stopping. With this filtering tool in hand, once you recognize that you are simply getting void mails from a sender, be it an individual or a company the web service would automatically recognize it or any of its kind and automatically filter it out thereby saving your time. Similarly, your mails are filter in the sense that you may shuffle aside some emails that are important but to be read some time later into a separate folder separate from your inbox.

Apart from this, Microsoft web apps can now be directly accessed from the web mail account and hence, making it easier to access the mail contents that are received. Whether be it an Excel Sheet or a Power point presentation everything opens up directly from the Hotmail account.

A document on which multiple users wish to work on the same time was not possible earlier but with the latest web based email service, real time document collaboration has been made possible now.

Concluding words from my side are that HOTMAIL WEB BASED SERVICE has been a great mail service throughout its journey from just Hotmail in 1995 to Outlook in 2014. It entertains its account holders with some of the astounding features that are still absent in other mail services like Yahoo or Gmail. I would surely recommend all my friends and readers out there to try it for sure.

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