How do I access iCloud from Mac and PC

iCloud access

How do I access iCloud?

access iCloudThis is a commonly asked question by people who are new to iOS and Apple devices. I am going to make it as easy as possible for you to access iCloud in the tutorial below so that you guys can understand it and do it as fast as possible.

As you may already know, iCloud was introduced by Apple in all its devices to store data for users. iCloud offers many features to store different types of documents, photos, videos and music in one server location and is made available for various other devices such as iOS, Mac and Windows Computers. ICloud also offers the feature to manage the lost and stolen Apple phones.

ICloud stores the various data in iCloud drive. It can be accessed from your iOS, Mac or Windows computer that are connected to the specific iCloud account. Follow the process explained below to access the files in iCloud drive.

Access iCloud files from iOS

  • The files stored in iCloud Drive are made available only after you login to iCloud using your Apple ID and password.
  • The files cannot be opened directly. You should first need to open the application that supports the file that you are trying to open. For example, if you need to open the document file, you should first open the Pages application that supports the document files. Now, click on “Open from” option and select “iCloud”. Then search the file you want to open from iCloud and then select it. The document file will be opened then. The changes you made in the file, the changes will be saved in iCloud drive too.

Access iCloud files from Windows

  • Open File explorer by pressing “windows” button + E. You can open it by right clicking on the folder icon in your task bar.
  • Select “iCloud Drive” folder. It is available in the Favorites section of the Explorer sidebar and in the User folder.
    Now, you will be able to view all the files stored in iCloud Drive.
    Browse the iCloud drive file and select the file that you want to open.
    You can copy the files from your iCloud device by dragging the file to the place that you want to save it to. Similarly, you can drag the file stored in your windows to the iCloud drive to save it on iCloud.
    You can also access the iCloud files from the web site in your computer.

Access iCloud from Mac

  • Open the iCloud Drive folder in your device.
  • You will view all your iCloud files in your screen.
  • Select the file that you want to open.
  • You can drag the file from iCloud drive to other location and you can drag the other files from your device to the iCloud drive to save it on iCloud.

All the changes you make after opening the file will be saved in the iCloud drive too. you can access your file from the application as well as from iCloud website.

I will leave this video here to help you better understand step by step what the tutorial above stated. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment; I will respond as soon as possible.

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