iCloud Login

icloud login

icloud login

iCloud Sign in / iCloud Login from Browser:

  • You can login to your iCloud account from any device such as computer, laptop or phone using the device’s browser. So, open the browser app on your device.
  • Now, enter iClouds url in the browser’s address bar which is www.icloud.com or simply click the following link: iCloud
  • Now that you are on iCloud’s main page, you will see a login form where you will then enter your iCloud email and password. if the information entered is correct, you will be redirected to your iCloud account.

iCloud Sign in / iCloud Login from Mac Computer:

  • The first step to login to your iCloud account from a Mac computer is to be 100% certain that your computer up to date and has the latest iOS. Having the latest iOS prevents your computer from crashing. If you are not sure if your iOS is up to date then you can check for new iOS updates by clicking on the Apple logo at the top left corner and then “Software Updates.”
  • iCloud has to be activated. If it is not activate it then activate it by clicking on the Apple Menu, then “System Preference” and finally “iCloud.” At this point all you have to do is enter your iCloud details such as email and password. If the information you entered is correct then you would have logged in successfully.

iCloud Sign in / iCloud Login from Windows Computer / PC:

  • Since iCloud is an Apple service, Windows does not come with the iCloud software so you will need to download iCloud for Windows. It is very simple, all you have to do is download iCloud for Windows by clinking on the following link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204283.
  • Install iCloud and you will be ask to restart your computer, do so in order to complete the installation.
  • After your install the software, enter your iCloud information such as email and address and if it is correct, you should have successfully logged in.


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