iCloud Set up

icloud setup

What is iCloud 

iCloud is an online storage system developed by Apple to be used on all of their devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac computers. iCloud let you syncs all your devices and have all your documents from anywhere. iCloud also stores your backup and let you download whenever you need from anywhere only with internet access. iCloud also helps you to find your lost iOS devices for example your iPhone.

To activate iCloud you need to have iCloud supported iOS devices. And when you create iCloud via Apple devices, you can log in from Web too.

How to set up iCloud on iPhone

icloud setupIf you just got yourself a new Apple device, turn it on and it will immediately ask you to set up iCloud account. In this phase, just enter your Apple account and password and follow the instructions on the screen. But if you skip this phase or just have upgraded your devices with latest iOS version, then you need to set up iCloud.

Here is how you can set up iCloud on iPhone (one of the popular iOS device) if you have skipped initial phase.


  1.  Turn on your iPhone or Apple device
  2. Go to Home screen and tap setting icon (gear).Then scroll down till you see iCloud then tab iCloud.
  3. Now device asks Apple ID and Password. If you already have Apple ID enter . if not you can create Apple ID from iPhone on same screen. If you have forgotten Apple password you can also reset it.
  4. Now enter Apple id and password. Then tap sign in.
  5. Now you can see iCloud home page, with different iCloud service. For example, mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks and so on. You have option to activate these services by selecting ON or OFF.

This is how you can activate iCloud on your iPhone. Normally you can follow same process to activate iCloud on your all iOS devices.

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